Student Film Projects

Ashley Omona, The Making of Sketchlehem 

Tristan Rau, When We Stop Running    

Caroline Kelliher, Susan Zea, Kari Moffat, Ally Abramson, Brian Arita, Lindsey Taub, Ryan Loftus, and Sabrina Kennedy, Mentored: Sexual Misconduct in Graduate School    

Meghan Barwick, Nadia Sasso, Laura Casale, and Liana Prodorutti, The First Four. Available on the English Department website

Brenda Martinzez, Connor Burbridge, Miles Davis, Tamara Jones, and Donterrius Walker, Uhuru: Rooting Our Voices. Available on the English Department website

Avi Setton, Becoming the Dragon   

Kevin Kirner, An Occupation and Reverberatons                                                     

Delaney McCaffrey, La Otra Manera (The Other Way) and The House Always Wins       

Delaney McCaffrey, Caroline Kelliher, and Kari Moffat, Betting on Bethlehem

Kari Moffat, Torn