Ashley Omona

Berkeley's Ashley Omoma

The LAVIC Documentary Storymaking minor exposed me to a world of visual storytelling that I wanted to immerse myself in. So, after graduating from the program, I enrolled in U.C. Berkeley's School of Journalism Master's program where I hope to graduate with a concentration in Documentary filmmaking. The program was started by Marlon Riggs, a Black gay, queer rights activist filmmaker and journalist, and my inspiration of the possibility of documentary. Since being here, I've become very interested in investigative journalism and experimental documentary. Berkeley's j-school is teaching me how journalism functions in the United States and giving me the tools to work in today's news landscape. My dream is to one day use those tools as well as my interdisciplinary education in African American studies to create the type of journalism I hope to see in the world, all while telling stories that captivate, interrogate and illuminate.

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