The Graduate Certificate in Documentary Film is designed to augment students' education and provide practical experience for opportunities inside and outside the academy. This certificate program covers (1) the historical development and distinctive attributes of documentary film; (2) the planning, production, and editing of documentary film; and (3) ethical concerns surrounding documentary research and practice.

The program is open to graduate students in any department and has been especially useful for students in English, History, and Education. Students and faculty in the program collaborate with colleagues in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and the Digital Media Studio.

Required courses: 12 credits, no more than 6 credits at the 300-level.

DOC 425: Theories and Methods of Documentary Process (3)

DOC 433: Documentary Production Capstone (3)

Additionally, students complete two elective courses in consultation with the Graduate Certificate Director.

For more information on the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Film contact Professor Vera Stegmann,